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Yoga & Guns? A Combo with a Purpose

Yoga, Guns, and Lunch!!!!


Did you know that 74% of individuals who practice yoga experience less lower back and neck pain? How about the fact that YOGA has helped 52% of practitioners reduce their PTSD symptoms. Yoga is considered to be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Yoga is designed to help with chronic lower back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and headaches. It also helps with weight loss, and improves cardiovascular health!!! Additionally, it reduces stress levels, promotes sleep, increases body awareness, and improves focus. GUNS-

Did you know that protection tops the list of reasons why citizens own guns. In 2017, the population was 325 million people. Of those, civilians owned an estimated 393.3 million firearms, for an average of 1.2 firearms per person. Civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year, making protection against crime the #1 reason for gun ownership in America today!! LUNCH-

Did you know that making time for a healthy lunch can pay off both mentally and physically. Eating in the middle of the day re-energizes your body, when focus and concentration are lagging. Eating lunch keeps your metabolism active, especially when combined with exercise and group activities.

Adding all these factors such as lunch and yoga means a healthier you-which in turn promotes better shooting! If this sounds like fun to you and you want to join us November 1st, @ HNR gunworks at 12 for our YOGA GUNS AND LUNCH DAY! We will go to the Yoga Co-op in Inverness for a 1 hour session of the best Yoga you will ever experience! This will all be followed by a delicious healthy lunch of acai bowls from Cinnamon Sticks AND shooting at our range! What more could you ask for!! The day starts at 12 and should last until around 5:15. Cost is $85.00 per person and covers yoga, lunch and the shooting session, just bring your gun and ammo!! Contact HNR Gunworks @ 352-503-6285 today!

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