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Gun Buying: 1st Timers and Professionals

Let’s face it! Gun buying can be confusing! Buying anything now a days is confusing! (Remember when there were 5 boxes of cereal to choose from?! Now look at the cereal aisle!) There are a TON of manufacturers and choices-which do benefit the consumer. But have you ever been lost in the woods or traveling through a new town? At times making a firearms purchase can feel like that. There are so many options, calibers, and colors it can seem like a daunting task.

So how do you know what is right for you?!

Doing research online and in magazines can be helpful to spark interest and give you an idea, but speaking with a knowledgeable gun shop and looking through some options and asking and answering questions can help assist you navigating the world of firearms which at times feels like a forest with no paths. Even experienced gun buyers can be overwhelmed with the options and variety available in today market.

A gun shop employee might ask you questions such as –what are you planning primarily on doing with the gun, carrying or plinking? Long gun or hand gun? What caliber are you comfortable with and have shot before? What is your budget? What upgrades do you typically like? Will this be used for self-defense? Going through this quick Q&A can help pinpoint what you are looking for and take away the stress of gun buying!

Typically this can narrow the choices down to a few good options! That is where feel comes in! Because of course, seeing the gun and deciding on your personal preference and feel is always a big factor as well. If the firearm does not feel right in your hand, it is probably not for you! Employees can be helpful but always trust what you like not others preferences!

Come down to HNR and let us help you find the right gun! Mention this email or blog and take $25 off your next gun purchase!

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