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Everyday Concealed Carry Tips- EDC

For some of us, concealed carrying is as normal as putting shoes on before leaving the house, for others it can be as strange as putting those same shoes on your head. Here are some tips to make EDC a little easier!

#1- Get a good belt. Many companies make belts specifically for everyday carry. These belts are generally more rugged than your standard belt. They are meant to keep your holster and gun close to you without excessive movement. Try and find one that suits the holster you get. Duty belts and thicker leather belts are generally good .

#2- Speaking of holsters, you’ll want a good one of those too that are comfortable for all day wear! This part can be a pain. It can take some time to figure out what you like. We’re here for any recommendation you might want. Feel free to ask and try them on so you don’t end up with a drawer of 100 holsters!

#3- Don’t play with it once you are wearing it! Try to minimize any adjusting or needless handling of your concealed carry. Maybe it’s a little uncomfortable, or maybe you nervous that you’re printing. Don’t worry, most people don’t care enough to analyze your body for odd bumps and bulges. Keep it hands off until you’re alone and out of public!

#4- Know the law. Hopefully you never have to use your firearm in self-defense, but if you do- you need to know how to act after the fact!

Feel free to stop by and check our stock for you EDC (Everyday Carry) Needs. Mention this Blog for 5% off your EDC purchase!

Also check out and sign up for our Police Interaction Course on Jan 24th 6-8:30 !

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