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Decibels vs Your Ears


The definition of the decibel is based on the measurement of power in telephony of the early 20th century in the Bell System in the United States. One decibel is one tenth (deci-) of one bel, named in honor of Alexander Graham Bell; however, the bel is seldom used. Today, the decibel is used for a wide variety of measurements in science and engineering, most prominently in acoustics, electronics, and control theory.

In electronics, the gains of amplifiers, attenuation of signals, and signal-to-noise ratios are often expressed in decibels.

Loud noises can be painful or startling, they can cause hearing damage or be all together unpleasant. Permanent hearing damage can be caused quickly or over time. Take a look at the infographic below for some examples pertaining to guns-

As you can see, even a 22 is too loud to be shooting without hearing protection! Having proper EYE and EAR protection is a must (Tisk Tisk on the guy in the picture! That is why I used it - how many people noticed that he was missing eye pro?!?! That is just as important!)

Read your hearing protection decibel rating to ensure that they are sufficient and double up if needed. Custom ears are also a good option for indoor range shooting or frequent shooters in general. Investing in good hearing equipment can not be stressed enough!

After that accessories such as silencers can be a great alternative to those who do not like to wear hearing protection or like to have a conversation while at the range or hunters!

Come down today and mention this blog for 5% off your next upgraded hearing protection purchase!

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