“GET A GRIP!” What is Stippling?

Grip stippling is becoming more and more popular as I’m sure you have noticed at the range or in the cases at the gun shop. But what is all the hub bub and what can a professional stipple job do for you?

Grip stippling is a gun modification used by gunsmiths to convert an otherwise slick, factory stock grip into one with dimples, dots, ridges and other formations to add or subtract texture based on the individuals hand.

The technique used to stipple produces a gun that is more aesthetically pleasing and customizable. Stippling also comes with benefits that many shooters enjoy such as a better grip on the gun, even in slippery conditions, reduces overall grip size and provides a better, more individualized fit for the gun owner.

Stippling also adds a consistency factor that adds to a shooter’s training. Zeke Mathena, owner of Tactical Defense Training Center, retired Swat leader and Glock Armorer states that stippling “provides a much better fit for my hand by far, I have one of my Glocks done, and I was hooked! I had a few other of my carry pieces stippled the same way so I could count on consistently getting the perfect grip in a stressful situation. I know my hand is in the right spot for a quick draw just by the feel.”

The best part is stippling is not just for grips! Frames, rail panels, fore ends and even some magazines can be enhanced for smoother grip ability and aesthetic purposes!

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