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AR’s: To build or to buy?

For those of you who are looking into starting a new build, or are looking into purchasing a new AR, this blog post is for you!

When getting into buying an AR part by part, it can be a daunting task sorting the good from the bad in terms of quality over quantity. For example, search AR bolt carrier group in google. Go ahead, try it. I’ll wait right here........ :)

About 7,660,000 page results for one part? Clicking on any one link will usually bring you to a page with dozens of parts to browse through. Unless you know what you’re looking for or are familiar with brands and the quality they provide, it can get overwhelming quick. With that said, there can be a sense of accomplishment once you have found what you were looking for and have ordered it.

Now I’m not against building an AR from the bottom up. There is something to be gained by knowing how to fully assemble your firearm, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Not unless you have all the appropriate tools and knowledge for the job. That’s not even to mentioning compatibility and proper fitment from one part to the next when buying parts from different manufactures. Which isn’t always guaranteed.

If you want your AR to have specific parts or a certain appearance, you can always buy a base rifle from your favorite manufacturers like: Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Spikes Tactical, Noveske, FN USA, to name a few, and build it up from there. With todays options for coatings, you can go all sorts of crazy making your AR look the exact way you want it to. This way you will have a factory warranty if something breaks down, it’s already been safety checked and test fired so you don’t have to have it done.

The short of it:

If you have the time, tools and knowledge to shop, buy and assemble your AR then we are here to help you find and obtain what you need. If you’re new or inexperienced in putting together your AR, or maybe a little rusty, we’ve got your back too. We do recommend a base rifle to start with and will help you find the right fit for you!

HNR Gunworks

3238 S Florida Ave

Inverness FL 34450


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