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Shotguns: The Overlooked Superhero’s of the Firearms World

Shotguns: The Overlooked Superhero’s of the Firearms World

Few things were as important to the early American settlers then their firearms. We have all heard the stories of Davey Crocket’s Kentucky Rifle, Wild Bill Hickock 1851 Colt’s revolvers and how the Winchester Repeating Rifle won the west. Seldom spoken of, however, was the everyday workhorse of the frontier – the shotgun. The original wilderness multi-tool, the shotgun hunted game from birds to bears, kept evil doers at bay on the farm and made stagecoach travel safer. “As it was then it is now”, movies, periodicals and the News are filled with tales of “Evil Black Rifles” and concealed handguns and once again the ever useful and ever efficient shotgun remains in the shadows.

Today’s modern “Scattergun” is even more versatile than its black powder grandparents. Screw-in chokes, rifled slug barrels, specialty ammunition and chamber adapters can turn your 12, 20 or .410-gauge shotgun into the “Swiss Army Knife” of your gun case. Simply by taking a “Systems Approach” to your purchasing of a modern shotgun and its accessories you can outfit yourself (or your spouse) with a practical, low cost hunting/survival/recreation tool that offers peace of mind and flies under the radar of today’s over-hyped media and knee-jerk politicians.

Interesting Shotgun Information:

  • Even during the ammunition shortage of the early 2000’s shotgun shells were readily available

  • “So far”, no one has tried to BAN shotguns

  • Shotguns are legal in practically all jurisdictions

  • For Home Defense: All shotguns are capable of firing “Buckshot” (pellets ranging from .24inch to .36inch) at velocities over 1200fps (feet per second)

  • Shotgun adapters are available in 12ga., 20ga. and .410 (both rifled and smooth bore) that permit the shooting of a number of pistol caliber cartridges (and smaller gauge shotshells) without modification of the firearm

  • A modern Single-Shot “break-open” shotgun can be easily adapted to function as Blackpowder Muzzle Loading Shotgun

So next time you pull out Dad’s old bird-gun or that first single shot you got for your thirteenth birthday or even that short barreled pump action you bought second-hand in 2008 (for just-in-case) ask yourself this, “If I could only have one gun – what would it be?” I have to admit that If I think I’m walking into trouble I always ask, “WWDHD” aka “What Would Doc Holliday Do?”. The answer is, “Take a shotgun”. UP, UP and AWAY!

Come take a look at some of the newest Shotguns at HNR Gunworks today and mention this blog for special pricing!

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