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Polymer vs Steel Handguns. Which is the best?!

This is a question we get here at HNR Gunworks everyday. Each material has their own benefits, like did you know steel firearms weigh more which causes less rise while firing and prevents limp wristing when shooting? On the other hand, polymer handguns tend to weigh less and are easier to carry. So depending on your own circumstances and personal preferences we can make a better recommendation on which is a better fit for you.

Are you the EDC guy or gal? Then a polymer handgun might be your best route. Why? Not only are they considerably lighter than their steel counterpart, they also come from some of the best makers in the business. Also, being so close to the body with all that heat, sweat and moisture you’re not going to damage your firearm with any rust or pitting. Let’s not forget the difference in cost. You’re typically going to spend less on plastic over steel in any scenario.

Now, for steel. They tend to be more accurate. If you plan to spend more time at the range then carrying the firearm a steel firearm might be a better bet. They also tend to be less prone to damage. Besides a few cosmetic scratches, your firearm probably won’t crack or dislodge any critical internal parts.

So, after all that- Which one is best?! In the end, when purchasing a new firearm, think about your situation. Why are you buying a gun? Where and when will you carry it? Is it for work, for plinking or just for personal protection? All of these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing.

Come down to HNR Gunworks Today and See the Latest in Both!

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