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Hollow or Not so Hollow. Here is the Answer…

Hollow point ammo or “carry ammo” vs full metal jacket or “target ammo” has been the topic of discussion this month at HNR after the Active Shooter Seminar. So- what is the better ammo, full metal jacket or hollow point?

The simple answer is- it really depends on what you’re shooting!

In a defensive situation high grain, jacketed hollow points are the better choice to create a larger, excruciating wound cavity and also takes account your surroundings. Defensive ammo is typically more expensive than target ammo and according to Range 365, it should do 3 things:

  1. “It has to work every single time, possibly under the worst of conditions. Whether wet, dirty, hot, or freezing, it’s got to go bang when you most need it.”

  2. “It has to penetrate the target to an appropriate depth to cause enough damage to stop whatever aggressive behavior caused the user to fire it in the first place.”

  3. “It has to expand reliably under a variety of target conditions to maximize its fight-stopping effectiveness.”

This criterion makes hollow points the go to defense round for everyday carry and home safety. They expand on impact giving your attacker a run for their money.

Full metal jackets on the other hand are great for range therapy and yes, can also be carried in your EDC. FMJ bullets do not expand upon hitting their target which is better for target shooting. They are different than HP ammo as the FMJ’s pass through your intended target making anything on the backside a potential loss, whether it’s another human life or someone else’s property. When plinking with a safe back stop, this is a non-issue, therefore less expensive target ammo is the better choice for target shooting.

Come on down to HNR Gunworks and get some ammo today!!

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