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Bug out Hurricane/Shelter Bag July Blog

It’s that time of year again. Storm prep, candles, generators and power outages. Hurricane season is upon us and it’s in full swing, with even a named storm (Andrea) before season even started! So, let’s talk about what you should bring in case you’re evacuated, have to shelter up, or lose power for an extended amount of time.

Bug-out Bag as defined by

Definition of bug-out bag:

A bag packed with survival supplies (such as food, water, medications, and flashlights) and kept ready for use in case of an emergency that requires rapid evacuation

It’s pretty self-explanatory, a bag, back-pack, or sack that has survival essentials in case of an emergency. Hurricanes can be some of the most destructive forces on earth. Intense winds along with flooding can cause damage to almost anything. Getting prepared ahead of time is critical since Hurricane warnings will only come a few days in advance.

Here are a few popular things that are suggested in your bug out bag:

  1. Bandages/band-aids/dressings/ First Aid.

  2. Medications that are needed.

  3. Cash.

  4. Waterproof matches.

  5. Food.

  6. Multi-tool.

  7. Lights/ Flashlights/ Batteries.

  8. Water filtration system.

  9. Paracord.

  10. Tent.

  11. Knife

  12. Sleeping bag.

  13. Anti-bacterial wipes.

  14. Painkillers.

  15. Wet Napkins.

  16. Hand Sanitizer.

  17. All-Purpose Camp Soap.

  18. Hygiene/Signal Mirror.

  19. Small Pack Towel.

  20. Travel Toilet Paper (Qty 2).

  21. Travel Size Toothbrush & Toothpaste.

  22. Other Personal Hygiene Necessities.

Come and see us for your survival essentials (none food essentials at least), and we can help you assemble a bountiful bug-out bag bundle and help get you prepared BEFORE it strikes!

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