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Let’s talk range bag essentials:

Now, a lot of us “gun guys” (and girls) think we all know what to bring to the range. Truth of the matter is, we all more than likely bring more than we need. Really just the basics are needed here. No more sore shoulders or tired forearms from lugging everything and the kitchen sick. Just stick with what you need to make it easier on your life. So, the basics are just common-sense stuff. Usually if you do not have these items you have to rent/buy them at your local range/gun shop.

#1. Eye protection. Whether you like it or not, we all need it. Otherwise, you might end up wearing a eyepatch…..

#2. Ear protection. A few choices here. Over the ear, plugs or both. Personally, I like to double up at any indoor range. For outside shooting, not so much. My personal favorite is a nice pair of electronic hearing protection so it is easier to hear what is going on around me at all times.

#3. Targets. Another thing most of us need to shoot at. Something fun or exciting is nice, some even have games for you and your buddies to play on. Others blow up like Tannerite. Others ding, ping and turn around like they’re doing the hokie pokie. (Tannerite by the way, should be shot outdoor only.)

#4. Ammo. This seems obvious. The right caliber for what your shooting!

#5. FIRST AID. I never see anyone with a first aid bag or just band-aids. It’s always good to bring a med kit. You never know. Quick Clot stops bleeding fast and is a great addition for the range bag.

What else do you think is needed in your range bag?! Come on down to HNR and tell us!

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