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Getting a Handle on Handguns

Talking about the make, model and caliber of an Every-Day-Carry or “EDC” firearm is all the rage now! It’s fun to discuss which handgun holds more rounds, functions better with a “pet” type of ammunition or is carried by an elite special forces unit. Subjects such as barrel length, trigger pull and magazine capacity are all objective; they can be compared and contrasted - and are the stuff of many a good handgun article in glossy gun publications. But what do all these “tech-na-cool” things have to do with actually shooting a handgun well or using it in a real-world shooting situation? What should be a person’s, seasoned or novice, first consideration when choosing a handgun for the protection of themselves and their family? Well, history and experience tells us that the first thing to do is - Get a handle on it!

The human hand is one nature’s greatest engineering marvels. That said, all hands are unique and when it comes to operating a firearm under stress - what works great for one person will be a total disaster for another. That is why it is so important to “first and foremost” actually handle a handgun BEFORE deciding it would make your perfect EDC. Hand size, finger length, hand-strength and deformity will all play a major part in how you grip a particular firearm and as any good firearms instructor will tell you “good shooting begins with a good grip”.

At HNR Gunworks one of the things we encourage everyone the do is the “Grab test”: Start by making sure the firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Insert an EMPTY magazine if it is a semi auto pistol. Hold the firearm by the slide/barrel in your weak hand about six to eight inches from your body at belly button height. Place your strong against your strong side thigh. Then just reach up and grasp the grip in one smooth motion. Does your hand naturally aline with the gun? Do your fingers fully wrap around the grip? Does the grip seem to “disappear” in your hand? Try this exercise three or four times; if something feels “off” about the mating of hand and gun there are options. New grips, grip adapters and “stippling” are inexpensive ways to help you “Get a Handle” on the tool you use to protect you and yours’.

Come down to HNR Gunworks to try a Grab Test Today!

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