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Shotguns vs Rifles for Home Defense

It's the middle of the night. You hear a window shatter. Do you grab your shotgun or rifle to protect your family and valuables?

Anything is better than nothing.... right?! Let’s compare:



Shotguns have an ease of use as they are not too confusing which is great for beginners looking at home defense guns- just load your shells, rack and shoot. Shotguns also make a distinct noise that may make an intruder question their motives as everyone is familiar with from the movies.

Shotgun ammo also gives the owner choices depending on your ammo of

choice, like double-ought buck or any kind of buckshot for that matter. With a shotgun it is likely you will hit and stop your target in a defensive scenario.


Rifles on the other hand are good for home defense but in different circumstances.

For example, fence jumpers and varmint are some good reasons to have a rifle.

More skill is needed however and they can be harder to maintain. One thing for sure though, you must aim down the sights. At night, in the dark you could be in trouble. If you miss, you could be in some real danger to damage property or take an innocent life across the street, things to be mindful of when making the choice between guns.

The Verdict:

In the end both are valuable tools to keep in the home. Both are used for different reasons and have their pros and cons!

Come into HNR Gunworks today and let us help fit the best fit for you!

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