“After the Bang” Self-Defense Insurance Options: What can they do for you?

According to Guns Digest “a recent estimate by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), more than 15 million Americans are now licensed to carry a firearm in the United States. With that many and more legally licensed citizens — including those who keep guns strictly in the home for domestic protection, along with people who open carry or live in one of the dozen states that do not require licenses — the odds are increasing that someone will have to use their firearm to defend against a serious crime.” Chances are you are licensed and carry a firearm for protection as well! But do you carry self-defense insurance?

Recently throughout the industry there have been an increasing number of Legal Protection Programs for gun owners. This seems to coincide with the current growing number of high cost suits and increasing gun control. Their popularity you will see is for good reason!

The basis behind these programs typically promise to cover some or all legal, criminal, and civil defense fees in the event of a self-defense scenario where any number of weapons are used. This is helpful as some cases can be quite costly and time consuming. All include coverage on firearms in a defensive situation, and some cover stun guns or even pepper spray. Some even cover family members such as children who are involved in violence at school. Many also provide you with a trusted attorney hotline or network in time of distress. Programs range in cost from $100-600 a year [ or about $10-50 a month] and are offered by 4 major companies, The USCCA, the ACLDN, U.S. Law Shield and the NRA Carry Guard.

The most important thing to look for in these companies are the coverage terms such as the weapons covered, the caps, limits, deductibles and attorneys’ fees. These should all be covered so you are not left with a large bill. If you and your loved ones carry or have children you may also want to opt into a family plan as well to cover everyone! Good programs should also have a 24/7 hotline number to call in case of an emergency after hours. Also ask if the program offers education seminars and workshops so you are kept updated on ever changing laws and new publications.

In short, a solid legal defense program should be explored by all gun owners for legal protection after the persons used any weapon for self-defense.

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