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New Year, New Trigger

Trigger Jobs, Action Jobs and Accuracy

New shooters and experts both agree, bottom line: the right trigger affects the gun’s accuracy and overall performance.


Trigger and action jobs have many benefits and can remove pre-and post travel or pull, and lighten and smoothen the trigger. This makes the trigger more consistent and less gritty or crunchy. This allows the shooter to become more accurate as they are not jerking the gun as much when the trigger breaks.

A trigger pull can best be described in comparison to an icicle, a piece of glass, or a carrot. An icicle for instance will have a crisp, light pull where a piece of glass will have a harder break. A carrot is the heaviest and will have give before it breaks so to speak. Most poylmer guns break like a carrot, while revolvers, 1911s, and bolt action rifles should be more like icicles. Action jobs can also be done on lever action rifles, revolvers, and double action semi autos making the double action pull smoother and lighter feeling.

Finding the right trigger depends on the gun, the shooter, and the guns use. For example, a competitive shooter would most likely prefer a crisp 2-pound trigger with a short reset on his or her race gun. However, the same shooter would most likely prefer a heavier pull on their devoted carry gun. It should be noted however that not all guns function correctly and should not have trigger jobs like many small semi-auto pistols that rely on a heavier pull to operate correctly.

Some trigger jobs can be done at home with simple drop in trigger kits, however the fine tuning should be done by a professional. This is recommended for safety and to ensure that there is no chance of the gun doubling.

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