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Weapon Mounted Hearing Protection WHAT?!


A suppressor, also known as a silencer is an accessory or device that is attached to or part of a firearms’ muzzle. The main use of a silencer is in its name- a silencer reduces the noise and flash generated by the gun when it is fired. This decreases recoil and increases accuracy on precision rifles. Silencers come in all shapes and sizes for various uses. They are typically made from internal baffles enclosed with a metal cylinder which slow and cool escaping gas, therefore decreasing the sound. This allows the shooter to shoot without hearing protection and also explains why some might call them “cans” due to their appearance.

There are many silencers available and one should consider things like the weight, materials used in construction, length, and ease of use for repeatable zero and sound suppression. Some silencers can be easily attached and detached for use on different guns while others are integral, or built into the gun.

In the United States suppressor use and purchases are regulated by legislation and vary state to state, however in Florida it is LEGAL (yay) to hunt with silencers! Paperwork and waiting times also vary state to state.

In Florida it is LEGAL to own silencers if you are over age 21 and can legally purchase a firearm! (Again, yay!) Any licensed Class 3 dealer (you can find those here @ ) can help with paperwork and ordering as well as making recommendations for the right silencer for you!

Take your shooting to the next level, leave your ear plugs at home and order a silencer today! For the month of November get 5% off on special ordered silencers at HNR Gunworks!

To learn more:

or call today 352-503-6285

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