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Any Port in the Gun: What is Porting?

HNR’s Ported S&W BodyGuard 380

Porting involves precision-drilled holes also called ports in the barrel and/or slide on pistols, shotguns and revolvers. These ports reduce recoil by diverting the gases expelled before the departure of a projectile. The gases are directed out the top of the barrel which forces the barrel down. All these physics means less muzzle rise! Less muzzle rise in turn allows the shooter to keep the sights better acquired on target for faster follow up shots.

According to the USCCA “Gun porting is very effective to reduce or eliminate muzzle rise and the accompanying wrist snap and discomfort. For those with weak or damaged wrists, porting could be a wonderful solution. Also, those who highly value and desire the ability to deliver multiple shots as quickly as possible should seriously consider a ported gun."

Porting, which was typically common on many small revolvers with large calibers has now become common place on pistols and shotguns. In fact, well known manufacturers like Smith and Wesson, Glock and CZ offer factory porting on many newer models.

Porting can also be done for aesthetics if just the slide is ported and has become a popular, attractive look many shooters enjoy.

During the month of October HNR will be giving customers 10$ off any porting job!

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